How to set up a service group in VCS

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How to set up a service group in VCS

Post by spanner on Tue Apr 15, 2008 4:18 pm

Example SG creation (using Application/IP/NIC Agent):

haconf -makerw
hagrp -add <sgname>
hagrp -modify <sgname> SystemList <node1> 0 <node2> 1
hagrp -modify <sgname> AutoStartList <node1> <node2>
hares -add <appname> Application <sgname>
hares -display <appname>
hares -modify <appname> StartProgram "/path/application &"
hares -modify <appname> StopProgram "/usr/bin/pkill <application>"
hares -modify <appname> User root
hares -modify <appname> MonitorProcesses "/path/application"
hares -modify <appname> CleanProgram "/usr/bin/pkill -9 <application>"
hares -modify <appname> Enabled 1
hares -add <IPname> IP <sgname>
hares -modify <IPname> Device "hme0"
hares -modify <IPname> Adress ""
hares -modify <IPname> NetMask ""
hares -modify <appname> Enabled 1
hares -add <NICname> NIC <sgname>
hares -modify <NICname> Device "hme0"
hares -modify <NICname> Enabled 1
hares -link <IPname> <NICname>
hares -link <appname> <IPname>
haconf -dump -makero
hagrp -online <sgname> -sys <node1>


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